we do the dirty work

Eco-Earth Works, LLC specializes in Commercial and Residential excavation serving the Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex.

With decades of experience on projects ranging from less than an acre to large retail developments, we complete all work to the highest standards. Our success is due to using only the best and most reliable equipment to get the job done right and on time!

Our in-house engineering and surveying ensures accurate and quick work from start to finish.

we are committed to safety

Job Well Done

Safety Certified

Accurate Precision

At Eco-Earth Works, LLC we are dedicated to the safety of employees and projects on all levels. Safety meetings are held regularly while each site follows through with safety inspections and completes a job hazard analysis. Employees are trained to meet the OSHA 1926 Construction Standard for trenching and excavation. We also make sure our equipment and software are always up-to-date and maintained to ensure  safe and efficient projects. You can rely on our team to conduct a professional and thorough job!


At Eco-Earth Works, LLC we are supported by our in-house survey company Eco-Scan, LLC who specializes in commercial construction and in development industry. These drones will completely change the way our clients proceed with the surveying and mapping of land and buildings. When using this technology, you will get done in hours what it normally would take 3 weeks to complete.

Working with Eco-Scan, we can size-up any project and find the easiest and most cost-efficient way to complete any job.